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Where can wrong medication errors take place, and who is responsible?


A: Pharmacies are not the only place where medication mistakes can happen. Hospitals are also a source of many medication mistakes in the country. Many lawsuits are filed against other facilities for prescription errors, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes 
  • Out-patient clinics
Depending on the circumstances of the error the responsible party (including a pharmacy) can be held accountable for medication mistakes. When nurses or doctors administer the wrong medication to a patient the source of the error has to be identified to find out who is responsible.
Inadequate staff and overworked pharmacists also exist in hospitals and patients may not be aware that an injury suffered in the hospital may have been due to a medication mistake.

What rights do you have in medication mistake cases?

A pharmacy error lawyer can investigate the cause of medication errors and help you receive compensation for injuries suffered in these kinds of cases. Contact our personal injury lawyers toll-free at 1-888-526-7616 today to start a free case review with our pharmacy error lawyers.

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