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Has Your Loved One Been Given the Wrong Medication in a Nursing Home?

David W. Hodges
Partner at Kennedy Hodges LLP practicing pharmacy error, medical malpractice and personal injury law
The choice to move your elderly relative into a nursing home is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. While you know it’s the right decision, you cannot be sure that the staff will be able to cope with your loved one’s needs--or if they are even qualified to do so.

Unfortunately, nursing home residents often become the victims of prescription drug mistakes. Many such mistakes are unintentional, but some are a result of disreputable facilities or staff members.

  • Wrong Medication. While these kinds of medication mistakes are usually unintentional, they can still have serious consequences. Nursing home residents take a range of powerful medications; if a diabetes drug is switched with another patient’s cancer treatment, there is no telling how the residents will react to the foreign medication. In addition, these patients are also missing the doses of medication they were rightfully prescribed, and could suffer ill effects from the missed dosage.

  • Missed Dosages. Many nursing homes are understaffed, having many more patients than trained caregivers on hand to tend to their needs. As a result, overworked nurses may overlook timed dosages of medications, or the facility itself may have a morning-evening medication regimen that disregards drug-specific dosage times. Many drugs require consistent use in order to be effective, and this ill-timed system could pose a threat to your loved one’s health. 

  • Chemical Restraint. In one of the more disturbing trends in drug error injuries, over-medication is a common problem in U.S. nursing homes. Since the use of physical restraints in care facilities is now illegal, some facilities condone the use of non-prescribed medications to keep patients drugged and submissive. This is not only illegal, it is often harmful. There have been cases of chemical restraint causing wrongful death in patients who have been given anti-psychotics in order to keep them sedated.

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