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Villous Atrophy: Potentially Dangerous Condition Linked to Benicar

Gabriel Assaad
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Partner and attorney at Kennedy Hodges LLP practicing personal injury, medical malpractice & product liability

Since 2002, physicians and health care providers have prescribed the drug Benicar to treat patients experiencing high blood pressure. The drug was developed by Daiichi Sankyo, Inc., and has been prescribed over 11 million times annually. The drug works by helping to keep blood vessels dilated. This in turn helps to reduce blood pressure. Unfortunately, there are also extreme risks that come with the use of this drug. Some patients have experienced severe side effects as a result. One such potentially adverse side effect is the development of the condition known as villous atrophy.

How Benicar Causes Villous Atrophy

How exactly does the high blood pressure medication Benicar lead to villous atrophy? The following is an overview:

  1. Villous atrophy occurs when there is erosion of the villi.
  2. The villi are microscopic, finger-like tentacles that line the intestinal walls.
  3. When the villi erode, the lining of the intestines lose its texture, leaving a virtually flat (or atrophied) surface.
  4. This makes it difficult to absorb important nutrients.
  5. Patients whose villi erode can then become malnourished.

Unfortunately, by the time villous atrophy is noticeable on a biopsy, major health problems have likely already begun. The symptoms that patients experience often mimic Celiac disease, making it even more difficult to diagnose villous atrophy before serious harm is caused. Some of these symptoms include chronic diarrhea, dramatic weight loss, malnutrition, and stomach pain and discomfort.

For patients who have developed villous atrophy as a result of taking Benicar to treat their high blood pressure, pursuing a legal claim against the drug’s manufacturer, a health care provider, or other party may be the best option to recover compensation for some of the suffering that may occur. Victims must act quickly, however, as time limitations apply with regard to filing of a lawsuit. We encourage you to contact us today at 888-526-7616 for more information.