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Walgreens Pharmacy Lawsuit for medication errors

David W. Hodges
Partner at Kennedy Hodges LLP practicing pharmacy error, medical malpractice and personal injury law

Posted on Sep 14, 2011

Noteworthy: Prescription Error Attorney Wins Pharmacy Lawsuit Against Walgreens

In Florida, a widow and her children have won a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Walgreens. In 2001, a Walgreens prescription error caused her husband to take an overdose of methadone, a powerful narcotic pain reliever. The error was in the way the prescription was labeled. The man's doctor told him to take 4 of the pills twice a day for pain in his back and legs. Instead, the pharmacy, part of the nation's largest retail pharmacy chain, mislabeled the prescription.

The directions on the label told the man to take four methadone as needed for pain. He was dead, curled up in the shower within 36 hours of picking up the prescription. This error left a woman without her husband, children without their father. It was a completely preventable error. Walgreens is appealing the verdict, but it is not widely believed they will win.

Walgreens Isn't Alone, and Neither Are You

Millions of dollars have been awarded to plaintiffs in wrongful death and pharmacy error lawsuits against

  • Walgreens, 
  • CVS, 
  • Rite-Aid,
  • Kmart, and 
  • many other retail pharmacies.

You May Have a Pharmacy Error Claim even if you only have minor symptoms

You may think there is nothing you can do when something bad happens as a result of medication errors. Maybe you only became dizzy for a day or two, or maybe you just threw up a lot until the medicine was out of your system. These are medication error injuries. The consequences of leaving these injuries untreated can be severe.

Know Your Rights - Speak Out

Your claim may not be worth millions of dollars, but if you or a loved one was harmed by medication error, contact a competent pharmacy error attorney to help you get what you are owed. You don't have to settle for being treated like you don't matter. You don't have to sign anything, and you don't have to make any recorded statements to the insurance adjuster working for the pharmacy without qualified legal representation. Know your rights.

There are lawsuits across the country still pending against Walgreens, Kmart, Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite-Aid, Target and other retail pharmacies. Keep in mind that medication error occurs across the entire healthcare system, from doctor's offices and hospitals and other institutions to the pharmacy. A qualified medication mistake attorney has resources at his disposal to find the source of the error and sue the right person or group of people.

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