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Receiving the wrong medication from a pharmacy happens more often than people think.

David W. Hodges
Partner at Kennedy Hodges LLP practicing pharmacy error, medical malpractice and personal injury law

A pharmacy error lawyer can help you if you've been given the wrong medication.

Each year, 1.3 million Americans are injured because of medication errors.

Few people realize there is a real risk of picking up your medication from your local pharmacy and suffering severe consequences because of a pharmacy error or prescription error.

Large pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens fill billions of prescriptions every year. Medication errors can have tragic consequences for patients, including: overdose, toxicity, poisoning, or death. There are different types of pharmacy medication errors and one of the most common is providing the wrong medication.

Wrong medication errors can include:

  1. Being given another patient's prescription, 

  2. Medicine labeled with your name but with the wrong medication inside, 

  3. Pharmacy failing to identify drug interactions,

  4. Pharmacy failing to identify drug allergies,

  5. Pharmacy failing to double-check with doctors about unclear prescriptions,

  6. Pharmacy confusing drugs that sound or look alike. For example, Alprazolam and Lorazepam are frequently confused at pharmacies.

These are just some of the ways medication errors can occur. The consequences of medication errors can be severe, and in some cases fatal, and they can happen to anyone regardless of where you live or who you are.

Prescription errors and medication errors occur for many reasons, such as:

  • Overworked pharmacy staff

  • Inadequate pharmacy training

  • Pharmacist negligence in supervision of pharmacy technicians

  • Lack of communication between pharmacy staff and doctors

  • Depending on automated systems to prevent all medicine errors

  • Cost-cutting by hospitals and big corporations to reduce staff

Even minor injuries due to wrong medication should be compensated.

You may have suffered from 24-48 hours of vomiting, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, diarrhea or any combination of these symptoms. Many of our prospective clients question whether it's worth their time to pursue a pharmacy error claim. However, these claims can have many benefits.

Reporting these mistakes serves two purposes.

(1) It makes the pharmacies aware of the mistakes to prevent injuries to others.

(2) Even claims for temporary injuries have surprisingly high economic value.

What to do if you have suffered because of pharmacy malpractice.

You can order our free book, "How to Make Pharmacies Pay for your Injuries Caused by Medication Errors," to learn more about taking action because of a medication error. You can also call our board certified attorneys to start your free case review.

If you have been the victim of a medication error the last thing you should worry about is trying to deal with a pharmacy who will deny your claim. When you have an attorney on your side the pharmacies pay attention. If you have suffered because of an error by a doctor, hospital, pharmacist, or a pharmaceutical company you should speak to a board certified attorney today.

What can I recover in a pharmacy lawsuit?

Usually, the law allows for people who have been injured due to pharmacy negligence and medication errors to file a personal injury lawsuit. In these cases, you are allowed to recover compensation for damages in these categories:

  • Medical bills

  • Lost wages 

  • Pain and suffering 

  • Lost income 

  • Impairment

  • Physical injuries

Even if you do not believe you have severe injuries the future consequences of prescription errors are unknown. Download our free books to find out how to get a pharmacy to pay for your prescription error damages. You can also call our office at 888-526-7616 to speak with pharmacy error attorneys who are board certified in personal injury trial law and start your free case review today.